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If you’re looking for products on popular American Slang and Idioms or books and audio programs that introduce your children to world languages, you’re in the right place!

American Business Slang & Jargon
American Business Slang & Jargon

Learn Languages through Fairy Tales


For 25 years, Slangman Publishing has been publishing products that teach teens and adults all about slang and idioms in a variety of languages, as well as materials that introduce children to foreign languages. We’re proud to be the go-to place for top universities, corporations, and parents as an important source for language materials that motivate, teach, and entertain adults, teens and children worldwide.

Slangman product lines include American Slang and Idioms for ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language), as well as American Business Slang and Jargon for the ESP (English for Special Purposes) market, and our new line of language-learning products for children, Magic Morphing Fairy Tales, which start in one language and morph into another! And each fairy tale book in the series contains all the words from the previous fairy tale, so the kids never forget what they’ve learned. The books also morph from a foreign language into English for our ESL and EFL kids!

For years, we have supplied materials to Berlitz, UCLA, NYU, Boston University, and many other prominent institutions. Our products have also been featured on Voice of America, a global network with an audience of 250 million from 120 countries. Our extensive catalog of books and CD’s make learning a foreign language like Spanish, French, German or Chinese fun and easy—especially for young children who love learning through their favorite fairy tale stories or teens who crave to know the slang of their peers.

Need to learn Spanish the way natives speak it? Or learn French as an insider for a job requirement? How about materials for language learning for kids? We’ve got you covered. We’re proud of our extensive product knowledge and friendly customer service.

Our selection of books and CD’s is growing constantly. Please browse our online store and if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.