Foreign Slang & Idioms

Foreign slang and idioms enrich your cultural experience

Let’s face it. Using slang in any language is fun! It’s not the same as learning a language in a formal, boring way. Particularly for teenagers and young adults, “street speak” (also called “street talk”) makes them feel more comfortable and accepted among their peers.

Slang is universal and fluid. It’s a normal part of the language, any language. In fact, often native speakers don’t even realize they’re using it! So imagine visiting a foreign country and trying to mingle with the locals in a café or cantina. If you have no feel for how the local people really speak, you’ll no doubt be confused. Can you imagine a native Spanish speaker responding to you by saying, Me estás tomando el pelo! which, literally translated means, “You’re taking my hair!” But in slang, it just means, “You’re kidding me!” It would be just as confusing if you said the American equivalent of that expression, You’re pulling my leg! to a foreign visitor to the U.S.

Our books about foreign slang, idioms, and colloquialisms fill in the gaps in your knowledge of Spanish or French. As a new learner, appreciating slang helps you experience the culture and capture the beauty of a dynamic, living language.

If your goal is to be fluent in any social situation, or just be able to enjoy watching a movie or TV show in the country you’re visiting, then these products are for you! They’ll answer questions you may not find in a classroom. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking like a native!