American Idioms & Slang

The value of American idioms & slang in learning English

How important are American idioms & slang in speaking and understanding English in the U.S.? Very! That’s because native speakers don’t use the academic English most language students are taught in school. American slang words, colloquialisms and idioms are so embedded in American popular (or more commonly, “pop”) culture, it’s impossible to avoid. And why would you want to? Everyone uses them! They’re spoken by teens, tweens, adults, and used in advertisements, the workplace, movies, TV shows, books and in everyday conversations. Communications media like texting and Twitter make it difficult for non-native speakers of English to figure out popular shortcuts like LOL, BRB, or OMG! Imagine how confusing Cut it out! or Break a leg! is to a language student with no knowledge of American slang or idioms! Here’s where the Slangman language books come in! Now you can learn that part of the English language, the real English, usually reserved only for native speakers…until now!

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