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The importance of learning business slang and idioms

How important is slang in learning a foreign language? On one hand, slang is unavoidable, no matter what the language. Idioms are also a big part of every language. They’re used so frequently, we sometimes don’t even realize we’re using them! In fact, did you notice that we used an idiom at the beginning of the second sentence? That’s right! On one handis an idiom which means “one point of view is…”

And idioms are often misunderstood just like slang words. Imagine someone telling you to crack the window. Although it sounds like you’re being asked to break the window, you’re only being asked to open it slightly! You can see that it’s just not enough to study the formal academic English in the classroom. In reality, language is far less structured in the outside world. Understanding slang and idioms saves a whole lot of time and confusion. Of course, knowing the difference between what’s casual and what’s offensive can be a murky area. And when it comes to the workplace, you need to not only be able to communicate formally and properly, but you need to know the hundreds of business idioms used in any job! That way if you’re told you have the floor during a meeting, you’ll know that it’s your turn to speak!



Americans shorten and combine words into reductions and contractions when they speak in everyday conversations, and that’s why understanding them can be extremely difficult…but there is help!

This audio program is gonna (“going to”) letcha (“let you”) ged’n idea ’ev (“get an idea of”) how Americans REALLY speak!

Here is what you will find on the MP3:

  • First, you will hear the opening dialogue spoken slowly by native speakers!
  • Next, you will hear the dialogue a second time. But this time, the dialogue will be presented at normal speed in order for you to get a realistic idea of how Americans really speak.
  • After the dialogue, SLANGMAN presents the entire vocabulary section right from the book so you can hear real American pronunciation again.
  • Finally, you will hear exercises from each chapter as ear training. It’s also a great way to practice speaking like an American!


This MP3 was created by American native and slang expert Slangman David Burke, author of more than 30 books on slang and idioms.

There are no “dirty” or impolite expressions in this book.

IMPORTANT: For best results, use with one of the books below (sold separately) to learn how Americans speak in everyday conversations!


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